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|PMM Integration Consultancy

IPM is an independent management consultancy with extensive / expert  'new product management' knowledge complemented by many years of dependable practical experience. We are able to offer highly flexible and complete Product Management solutions ~ from idea generation, business plans, development processes, project management, right through to commercial release ...professional resource is available whenever and wherever you need it.


Our products and services support a quality ethos of ‘continuous improvement’ and we’ve worked hard to ensure our material remains a benchmark in this subject area. Our capabilities range from providing individual public training events, webinars, software business modelling, through to complete ‘end to end’ product management processes complemented by extensive training programmes for individual businesses and corporate use.


You can also be reassured by our extensive practical experience gained over many years and across many market segments.


Our Products and Services include...



  • Generic and bespoke Product Management Training and Workshops
  • Integration and Implementation of the Product
  • Management Methodology
  • Flexible Product Management Methodology licence options
  • Train the Trainer and licences available for all training content
  • Product Management Software - Interactive business models
  • Commissioned Market Research and Intelligence projects
  • Product Business Plans - Strategic plans authoring and compilation.
  • Programme Management – Making it happen ‘on time and to budget’
  • Professional Webinars and Conferences
  • Training workshops and practitioner services




Providing the catalyst for realisable and measurable benefits...



  • Products and Services that delight your Customers
  • Genuine Customer driven product portfolio
  • Satisfying Customer needs efficiently - Increased revenue and profit
  • Dedicated, focused and efficient multidisciplinary teams
  • Products and services that are easy to sell and produce
  • Reduced time to market - increased revenue and genuine competitive advantage
  • Deployment - Strategies that are efficiently and successfully deployed
  • Increased market share




|PMM Train the Trainer & Content Licences

Train the Trainer & PMM Content Licences

The PMM process is a ‘generic’ Product Management process that can be scaled and adapted for use across any market sector. The process / methodology is however easy to use and will be immediately familiar and welcomed by the seasoned PM Professional. Every aspect of the PMM process has been fully documented and if required can be supported via a module approach up to a comprehensive 20 Day training and learning program.


From past experience with our clients, once implemented the positive benefits of the PMM process soon materialise after deployment and include:


  • A strategically driven Product Management and Market Development activity.
  • Traceable and auditable procedures.
  • Management by TouchPoint™ and Objectives ethos.
  • Consistent and repeatable processes and activities.
  • Processes that can be accurately audited.
  • Identification and recognition of critical success factors and KPI’s.
  • Effective multi-disciplinary team management.
  • Reduced Product Time to Market.
  • Market Driven Product Portfolio.



Full PMM content is available through a ‘perpetual’ license (on a once off charge basis) to cover the following:


  • Perpetual and without restrictions, the use of the Product Management Methodology (PMM™) process.
  • Comprehensive PowerPoint Presentation training pack.
  • Specific PMM electronic documentation.
  • Specific PMM (software) business models.
  • PMM Business planning templates
  • All co-developed material for use with on-going training programmes and activities.


A perpetual license essentially provides your business with full access to all PMM documentation, software models and related materials such that the entire process can be owned, adopted and supported internally. In addition to the above this will automatically enable functional areas throughout your company to have equal access to all process tools and models etc.




|PM Profiling and Performance Assessment Programme

PM Profiling and Performance Assessment Programme



Key Points


• Proven method to accurately measure and profile core PM processes

• Measure and define PM core competencies on a consistent basis

• The ability to measure and benchmark the entire PM activity

• Accurately define PM critical success factors

• Optimise and control the Product Management process / activity

• Identification of your process Strengths and Weaknesses

• Profile against against a best practice PM benchmark

• Foundation principles of Continuous Improvement mapping

• Process optimisation - Integrated part of delivering World Class Products



The ability to ‘measure’ is an important aspect in any management activity. If you can measure, you have the ability to continuously improve, which is the basis for competitive advantage.


IPM are able to offer a professional PM profile of your product management activity, processes and personnel. The profile itself is designed from ‘real world’ researched attributes of measurement (...which can be adjusted accordingly if required) and enables, business directors, product managers and members of the multidisciplinary team to directly improve their related performance in the defined key areas. Measures and attributes can then be directly related to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and personal objectives.

|PMM - Professional Support