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|Product Management Phases Vs Elements Alignment

|Functional Activities / Deployment Phase Priorities

Innovation Phase Priorities

Conceptual Phase Priorities

Development Phase Priorities

Release Phase Priorities

Active LifeCycle Phase Priorities

Withdrawal Phase Priorities


Act as a team and not as representatives of different interests. We are in business, not in politics.


Since a business / organisation is often functionally oriented this leads to the feeling of belonging to a certain ‘tribe’, with the danger that ‘tribal’ interests have a tendency to prevail. Product teams are made up of members from different tribes and the first priority of the article team leader is therefore the formation of a new tribe, aimed at fighting the competition and nobody else.


Internal fights for competence or power do not add any value. Success for the team article as a whole will contribute much more to the careers of the members than ‘successful’ internal fighting.


It is self-evident that previous experience in the various disciplines represented within the team will greatly assist the Product Manager / Market Development manager in achieving success. Following a robust method and documenting appropriately will ensure repeatability.


|Practitioner Training & Support - Functional Activities / Deployment

The IPM practitioner series, is a definitive and integrated training programme for management professionals operating in the Product Management arena. So whether you’re the Managing Director, Product Director, Product Manager or a member of the Multidisciplinary Team we are confident that you will find this particular training series to be one of the best available and an invaluable asset to both you and your company.


In summary, the professional content contained within these courses will undoubtedly appeal to the seasoned Product Manager but should equally appeal directly to a Manager who has recently been promoted / joined the profession. If you have previously attended our 3 or 4 day event in the past, please be assured that the PM practitioner course is a perfect complement and extension to the original material provided and once again with that all important practical bias.


‘Our aim is to deliver ‘real world’ course content that in turn can be directly applied on return to the work place... to achieve this objective our courses are complemented by proprietary software business models (as an integrated part of the course)’.

|Functional Activities / Deployment - Professional Support