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Product Management Phase

Executive Summary

Overview & Scope

Strategic Intent - What needs to be achieved…

Assumptions & Dependencies

Product Positioning - Overview

Product Plan - Overview

Business Canvas - Product / Service Dashboard

Funding Requirements / Financial Projection

Human Resource Requirements - Consolidated

Advance Development and Research Programme - Overview

Risk Analysis

Contingency plan






Purpose Statement Of Context & Objectives

Scope & Purpose


Objectives - Short, Medium, Long Term

Assumptions & Dependencies

Action Plan and Owners






Marketing Environment - Situational Analysis

Market Environment - Overview & Scope

Market Research and Intelligence Programme

Market Environment and Trends

Markets/ Segments to be addressed…

Market Size and Growth - Statistics

Market Developments and Trends.

Products, Services, Technologies and Innovations

Product / Service Trends

Technology Trends

Technology Roadmap (Market)

Marketing Audit (External & Internal)

Voice of the Customer Analysis - VOCT

Work-study/Ergonomics/Design Preference - Workshop

Market Entry & Exit Requirements

Advance Development & Research - Intelligence Feed

Market Opportunities

Market Distribution Requirements / Structure

Competitive Benchmarking - Competitors

Human Resource Requirements

Financial Budget Requirements

Assumptions & Dependencies

Marketing Environment - Action Plan and Owners



Strategic Marketing Programme Plan

Strategic Product Marketing Plan - Overview & Scope

Product Vision Statement

Product Plan Objectives

Advanced Development and Research programme

Strategically Aligned Creative Ideas & Selection Programme

RADA(R) - Strategic Analysis - Programme

Market Share Objectives ~ Product Forecast

Business Scenario / Contingency Planning

Customer Needs and Applications Analysis

Product Solutions and Interdependencies

Product Name/ Strapline / Designation - Workshop

Continuous Improvement - Lean programme (features)

Strategic Analysis - SWOT Analysis

Product Life-Cycle Analysis / Management

Competitive Advantage ~ Product Differentiation

Perceptional Positioning - Emotional Benefit V Rational Perf.

Product Cost Estimate and Value Analysis

Market Segment Strategy

Pricing Objectives and Strategy

Product Positioning Objectives & Strategy

Product Branding Objectives & Strategy

Product and Ancillaries Release Plan. (Milestone Project Plan)

Product Forecast and Delta Analysis

Product Launch Plan

Product Distribution Strategy

Product Manual - Produce/Compile/Maintain

Product Withdrawal plan

Strategic Alliances (opportunities) Plan

Product / Service Ecological Policy

Defined Critical Success Factors

Financial Viability and Modelling

Phase Funding Requirements

Marketing Plan - Assumptions & Dependencies

Marketing Plan - Human Resource Requirements

Programme - Financial Budget Requirements

Reporting project status/recovery planning

Strategic Dashboard - Visual - Produce/Compile/Maintain

Compiled / Documented Product Marketing Plan

Product Development - Objectives & Strategy

Marketing Communications Objectives

Procurement - Objectives

Manufacturing / Operations - Objectives

Sales - Objectives / Strategy

After Sales and Support Objectives / Strategy

Strategic Product Marketing Plan - Action Plan and Owners



Procurement Plan

Overview & Scope

RADA(R) - Strategic Analysis - Programme

Procurement Objectives

Assumptions & Dependencies

Risk Analysis

Component / Service Obsolescence Plan

Last Time Purchase - Components / Service

Human Resource Requirements

Financial Budget Requirements

Action Plan & Owners





Marketing Communications

Overview & Scope

Marcom Objectives & Strategy

RADA(R) - Strategic Analysis - Programme

Advertising / Media Planning Calendar

Social Media Plan

Trade Shows & Conferences Plan

Marketing Communication Budget

Assumptions & Dependencies

Product Withdrawal Communications

Critical Success Factors

Human Resources Requirements

Financial Budget Requirements

Quality Plan

Action Plan & Owners



Sales & After Sales Plan

Overview & Scope

Ad Sales Objectives & Strategy

Sales Forecast

RADA(R) - Strategic Analysis - Programme

Mark After Sales (Customer Support Plan)  - Tech. Sales

Sales Distribution Plan

Product  Launch Plan

Product Withdrawal Plan - Execution

Critical Success Factors

Assumptions & Dependencies

Human Resource Requirements

Financial Budget Requirements

Action Plan & Owners





Financial Planning & Product Viability

Overview & Scope

Financial Objectives

P&L Account

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Return On Investment - ROI

Sensitivity Analysis

Key Ratio

Risk / Sensitivity Analysis

Funding Requirement

Assumptions & Dependencies

Action Plan & Owners

Legal & Compliance

Overview & Scope

Legal Requirements

Assumptions & Dependencies

Human Resource Requirements

Financial Budget Requirements

Action Plan & Owners