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This innovative business model follows the traditional PEST principles, but with some important additions/interpretations. It now takes the analysis to the next level, enabling us to pragmatically capture the multi-dimensional aspects of the market environment, with the added ability to add an appropriate weight to each attribute and then consider whether it has a positive or negative impact / affect on the business itself - simple but incredibly effective. Working autonomously or as part of a team, the visual representation of the marketing environment is simply stunning and typically results in the immediate understanding of key issues and opportunities thereafter.


The PEST process itself is used to determine the overall level of ‘commercial risk’ the business is potentially going to be subjected to (on a per market segment basis) and whether that risk is too great for the company to compete. Using this interactive model the exercise will be completed with efficiency and effectiveness. An accurate strategic decision can then be made accordingly.


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The following interrelationship maps indicate; suggested content from other models/processes which may have influence or an effect on the analysis of the title process. The left-hand column indicates information or impact from the named process and the left-hand column indicates on completion of the process/analysis it may have an influence or effect on the listed processes.


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