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|Product LifeCycle Planning Framework - Release Phase

The primary objective of this phase is to ‘launch’ the product into the pre-defined target markets in line with previously defined expectations and strategic plans. The role out of ‘product release plans’ from a multi functional point of view in conjunction with Marketing Communications activities play a major part in this phase.


The Company ‘StageGate™ / Agile / Hybrid development process’ and mandatory risk assessment elements are prerequisite / integrated part of the ‘Product Release Phase’ and is complementary to the additional activities associated with compiling the ‘Product Business Plan’.


The business plan and related process elements ensures that all functional areas of the business are represented in a timely and proactive manner. The format also enables the Product Manager to manage with a degree of authority the multi-disciplinary team by a process of functional objectives and associated strategies.


In common with all other phases a situational analysis study (a continuous review of the market environment) followed by a strategic review of business opportunities continues throughout the ‘Product Release Phase’ with any deviations (from previous expectations) recorded and appropriately reported ( parallel with the internal development process’).





The ‘Product Release Phase’ of the Product Management Process follows sequentially from the ‘Development Phase’.

PMM (Generic) Programme Management and Market Development Planning Framework

Programme Management Plan

TouchPoint Management

Product Programme Plan(s)


Market Development Plan

TouchPoint Management

Market Solution Plan(s)


|PMM Business Planning Framework - Orientation

The Product Release Phase incorporates the following (primary) management activities;

Phase Vision / Goal:


Product Release

Product Release Phase

Process Requirements - Objectives:


  • Financial Review and Management
  • Operations and Logistics Management
  • Sales Strategy Management - Review
  • After-Sales and Product Support Strategy - Review
  • After- Sales and Product Support Strategy - Review
  • Marketing Communication Objectives and Strategy - Review
  • Strategic Deployment and Communication

Strategic Tools and Processes

Product Release Phase

Strategic Planning Tools / Processes

Stakeholder Management

Marketing Planning / Process Tools

Creativity / Process Tools

PLC Management & Planning Tools

Requirements Definition

Financial Tools / Processes

Innovation Management

Functional Activities / Deployment

Product Management (Soft) Skills

PM Specialist / Expert Knowledge - Release Phase

|Related Procedures

The following interrelationship maps indicate; suggested content from other models/processes which may have influence or an effect on the analysis of the title process. The left-hand column indicates information or impact from the named process and the left-hand column indicates on completion of the process/analysis it may have an influence or effect on the listed processes.


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|PMM Process Orientation - Professional Support