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|Product Management Phases Vs Elements Alignment

|Requirements Definition Phase Priorities

Innovation Phase Priorities

Conceptual Phase Priorities

Development Phase Priorities

Release Phase Priorities

Active LifeCycle Phase Priorities

Withdrawal Phase Priorities

| Introduction - Requirements Definition

The following Video clip is from a 'full length' film entitled: Pentegon Wars.


It depicts perfectly how a Product / Specification  - Requirements Definition can be ambushed in the development phase and in various ways - particularly by the senior levels of management. You probably think this particular video has been exaggerated to make it more dramatic - ...but sadly it is true!. The original development happened over an 11 year time period and cost  approximately 11billion dollars!


The moral of this story is self evident - make sure it does not happen to your own products!

|Requirements Definition - Professional Support


Original copyright acknowledged and respected.

The IPM practitioner series, is a definitive and integrated training programme for management professionals operating in the Product Management arena. So whether you’re the Managing Director, Product Director, Product Manager or a member of the Multidisciplinary Team we are confident that you will find this particular training series to be one of the best available and an invaluable asset to both you and your company.