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|Product LifeCycle Planning Framework - Withdrawal Phase

Most products / services have a finite life and will be withdrawn from the market when no longer strategically important to associated products / services. The decision to withdraw a product may be the result of falling sales, costs to support, cost to produce etc. and any combinations of the above.


The final decision to withdraw a product is decided at the peer review group meeting, however the recommendation to withdraw must come from the Product Manager first. Strategic planning is therefore an integral part of the withdrawal phase because the product / service may impact in to other products within the portfolio and therefore requires careful evaluation before taking action.


In common with all previous phases a situational analysis study (a continuous review of the market environment) followed by a strategic review of business opportunities continues throughout the ‘Product Withdrawal Phase’ with any deviations (from previous expectations) recorded and appropriately reported.


The Product Withdrawal Phase incorporates the following (primary) management activities;


    • Stakeholder Management (multi-disciplinary) ~ membership phase related.

    • Discontinuance analysis / study

    • Business Plan update ~ Closure strategies

    • Product Withdrawal notification

    • End of life spares policy ~ defined

    • Product Closure / Mkt. Disengagement strategies.

    • Business Review ~ Peer review group meeting.


The ‘Product Withdrawal Phase’ of the Product Management Process follows sequentially from the ‘Active LifeCycle Phase’.

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Product Withdrawal Phase

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Product Withdrawal Phase

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